Thanks to its position between the sea and the massif of Garraf, Sitges has a great climate, offering the possibility to enjoy outdoor activities during a big part of the year. Furthermore, you can enjoy the numerous events: from the Sitges international festival of science-fiction movies of Catalunya to the Sitges carnival, popular local celebrations, theatre, harvests, concerts … Or simply go out to walk on the boardwalk or in the natural park of Garraf, to enjoy the 4km of beach or live the well-known nights of Sitges in the famous street Primero de Mayo.
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The cuisine of Sitges includes an important offer, what characterizes this cuisine is the proximity and excellence of the products, a great Mediterranean gastronomy. You have to taste the wine of the Garraf area, elaborated with malvoisie and its singular flavours. The dished composed of rice and fish combined with elements from the mountain. The avant-garde proposals of the restaurateurs form the area and from the popular xató of Sitges transform this coastal city in a reference for all types of palates.

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Entertainment and nightlife

Sitges lives 24h/24h with options for all the tastes divided between the establishments situated next to the sea, to the area of the port Aiguadolç and to the centre of Pueblo, the nightlife of this coastal city is internationally known. The festive locale is the street Primero de Mayo, known as street of Pecado, where are situated the musical bars and pubs. But all the establishments are not situated at this place, you can also find clubs in all the city. Did you know that the first Pacha of the world was created in Sitges?

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Art and culture

There are few cities where you will find such an important offer concerning art and culture: the history and its commitment in the modernism, there are many buildings and monuments that you need to visit, moreover one of the best parties of Sitges has been declared party of national interest. The international festival of fantastic cinema of Catalunya, one of the most recognized of the world, is taking place in Sitges. You will also find some galleries and museums … So, you will find options for all the art lovers.

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It´s very easy to find old school shops in the city center of Sitges. You will meet all types of artisans, families businesses and shops of the everyday life for example. Make no mistake, the open mind of the city is reflected in its shops, indeed the big brands and their shops with their modern design cohabit perfectly with the small shops of classical artisans or the market that is taking place every Thursday on the Plaça Catalunya.