Chef Jubany's restaurant in Barcelona

Nandu Jubany, ambassador of Catalan cuisine and Michelin-starred chef has created a new space to enjoy the everlasting kitchen that makes part of his tradition. A simmer, where products' texture and cooking time play a major role. A cooking style that claims the most demanding tradition while combining flavors and genuine values in a contemporary format.

More information and reservations:
Seasonal products that come right from the local ground are the stars of this cooking style based upon old recipes, but revisited in an actual way. Our restaurant is located in Passatge de la Concepció, only a few meters away from Murmuri Hotel, a 4 star hotel in Barcelona.

Petit Comitè's menu from Nandu Jubany offers a wide choice of dishes, some slightly more traditionnal, but all featuring a modern presentation. Some examples are: Coca bread with duck liver and caramelized apples, fried eggs stuffed with bacon and steamed potatoes, Cuttlefish rice, artichoke and peas, Fiesta Mayor's Cannellonis, "Llauna" cod, grilled pineapple with caramelized honey and yogurt ice cream, and chocolate with oil and salt amongst others.