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Bussiness Development

100 years of experience in hotel management


Offering experience and services with excellence, responsibility and sustainability for hotels with customized management.


Transforming our hotels into destinations by creating operating standards, quality targets, and strategies aimed at achieving customer satisfaction.


We work with passion, respect and transparency. Always focused on commitment and continuous innovation.

Business Development

Advice to the property in order to reach the appropriate revenue levels:
Revenue Management: Preparation and monitoring of the sales targets, Management of the price and distribution strategy meeting the specified targets on a daily basis, benefitting from the MHG's know-how and its tools.
eCommerce: Contracting, implementation, connection and monitoring of all the IDS.
Company website: Development and maintenance of the company's own website, Creation of the content to improve its search engine ranking, Monitoring of weekly sales.
Call Center: A team of multilingual booking agents for telephone and email sales, Monitoring of all booking with manual and/or automatic introduction.

Sales and Marketing

Advice to the property on taking strategic decisions:
Affiliation: Taking advantage of the experience of MHG in affiliations with the leading national international representatives
Commercial Activity: Taking advantage of the presence and knowledge of the MHG in the EU market, the European market (especially France and the UK) as well as in the Spanish market. Attending commercial trips at leading industry fairs and large corporate events.
Marketing and Public Relations: Acquiring international presence by creating a Communication and RRPP, Inclusion in the customer digitalization project, Inclusion in the MHG emailing plan with corporate and/or personalized emails, Management of social networks, Inclusion in the MHG's corporate brochure and offline promotional material.


Advice to the property on the product definition:
Of an architectural nature: Adaptation and optimization of existing spaces. Interior design and specific renovation projects. Studies for improvement of energy efficiency and supply. 
In “Food & Beverages”: Definition of the gastronomic choice, Enhancement of the different sales outlets, High-level know-how at “Gastronomic Restaurants”.
Customer Service: Implementing a system aimed at maximum customer satisfaction by creating a privileged and personalized relationship with each guest.
With regard to Human Resources: Definition and implementation of training policies, compensation policies and career development policies.
Quality and Environmental Policies: Creation of procedures for measuring different operational and service areas. Maintaining and increasing a quality reputation through different online channels.


Information for the property on the financial and economic situation of the business:
Reports: Design and implementation of financial reporting, Preparation of growth in revenue, profit and loss statement, by nature and in accordance with the ‘Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry’. 
Accounts and Cash Flow Forecast: Monitoring of the daily activity of the establishment back office. Daily auditing of the points of sale and revenue control. Bank settlement, management of electronic charges and other payment methods (credit cards and bank cheque).
Purchasing and Suppliers: Commissary standards, optimization of purchasing through our head office with preferential agreements.
Human Resources: Selection of personnel, training plan, payroll management and attendance monitoring.
Technical Support: Maintenance of the IT equipment, data security, implementation, communication network, wi-fi equipment and selection of workplace office automation tools.

Our Management Team

The size of MHG enables the management team to dedicate its full attention to managing each of its hotels and assisting their owners. The team is involved in each strategic decision, ensuring that the culture and values are embodied in every hotel. We are regularly recognized for our service, quality and personal management.

Malco Par
General Manager of MHG
Pascal Billard
General Manager of Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona
Gemma Ravasi
Operations Manager - Boutique Hotels Division
Roger Vall
Financial Manager of MHG

Joining the MHG portfolio

The MHG wants to collaborate with other independent hotel owners to expand its brand and share its management methodology with iconic hotels in its area.

• Establishments in the high-end market segment.
• Passion for a differentiated product where the service and gastronomy are indisputable protagonists.
• High quality fittings with meticulous design, creating a product with its own identity.
Unbeatable location, situated in outstanding locations both in urban areas and holiday destinations.
Leading tourist destinations or those with the potential for growth.
Franchise: Use of the MHG's resources leaving the owner to take final decisions.
Rent: Management of the establishment by the MHG based on an agreed-upon rent with the owner.
Total or partial management: Management by the MHG of a series of agreed services based on performance-related remuneration.
NB: All of the MHG models are committed to providing regular and transparent reports to the owners on the current situation of their establishments.
Personalized management adapted to the characteristics of each establishment's model.
• Administrative and technological rigor with a long-term view.
• Following a code of good practices with regular information and complete transparency.
• Decision making and proposals for improvement always aimed at satisfying both parties.
• Bringing added value with a spirit for continuous innovation and the implementation of new technologies.


If you would like to add your establishment to Majestic Hotel Group's portfolio, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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